Who, why, what, how.

So biggest blogging regret so far is ending yesterday’s post speaking in the third person. Euch. There was no way I was using that as today’s title but I’m also refraining from editing past posts.  Mistakes are the beginning of an improved self.


Who. Well that’s nice and easy.  I’m Selina, a 32 year old working Mum of two that wants to make a difference. Not in a ‘save the world’ kind of way but in a ‘we can all do something to help change happen and I’d like to do a wee bit more’ kind of way.

I’ve lived in Glasgow over 10 years now and am so proud to call it home.  We weegies are truly wonderful (and modest); we’re the most welcoming, friendly people and best of all, within ten minutes of being in our company you’re considered “wan of us!”

Why. After watching a news piece on the ‘refugee crisis’ and the closing of the Hungarian border, I decided that I needed to get involved. I wanted to do something that made a difference but was slightly hesitant about over commitment. I wanted to go to Calais but it just wasn’t feasible with family and work commitments at home.  That word, home. People were, and still are, fleeing their homes every day. So if people were to arrive in Glasgow there was surely a way that we weegies could make sure that people felt part of that warm, occasionally overwhelming welcome?

What. The idea of a welcome pack came first and then the realisation that we
egie and refugee together, make a beautiful portmanteau word. A hesitant “Is this a really stupid word?” posed to a few folks confirmed that it was worth a shot. That’s the point that other people got involved and made Refuweegee a reality.  A designer friend, George McKay, GCM Deisgn donated his skills and brought the logo to life.  Glasgow City Marketing Bureau were the first to donate and with ‘People Make Glasgow’ behind us, we were off.

How. You, your friends and family, your colleagues, your boss, your bus driver. Refuweegee happened because Glasgow wanted it to happen.  I had an idea but every single person that has engaged is the real how.  Whether it was a letter, a donation, a tweet or a conversation with a friend, people have made this project happen.

That seems like the perfect place to pause.  Tomorrow’s title…Game changers.



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