Game changers

The long awaited Game changers blog post.  Sorry for the delay, I decided that getting a further 40 packs ready to go and trying to spend a bit of time organising the very healthy looking volunteer database took priority…however, that’s getting ahead of ourselves. Game changers. So to prevent this from ending up like a drooling Oscars thank you speech I’m only going to talk about three of the things that have so far, made a big difference to Refuweegee.

Logo. I really wanted to have a logo before I started to approach people. Doubly important with a portmanteau word, or as recently overheard, a Frankenword.

I had a pretty clear idea of what the logo should look like; a very clean, black and white dictionary definition of what Refuweegee meant.  What an easy thing it is to have a picture in your head of something; getting that into print is another matter altogether. Cue our first game changer.  George McKay, GCM creative. A tweedishly handsome designer that I’ve had the pleasure of working with a number of times previously.  Not only responsible for the fantastic design of the logo but also in mentoring and supporting me throughout the start up process…and beyond!

Three game changers in one. Or three in Oxfam, if you will. With George’s confidence instilling support I took the idea out to a few friends; in truth I got completely overexcited and sent a group email to around 40 of my SambaYaBamba pals. Absolutely no regrets there though because as a result of the wonderful, well connected Lisa spreading the word, I got to speak with Brenda Walton, Area Manager for Glasgow Oxfam stores and Refuweegee ‘letters fae the locals’ drop boxes very quickly appeared in every Oxfam store in the city.  To top the Oxfam support off, the lovely Katherine Trebeck, Global Research and Policy Advisor, gave us a wee mention on the BBC’s Scotland 2015 show.

“People are responding to the refugee crisis in truly wonderful ways, Glasgow for example now has Refuweegee”

The third and final. Angela. From the first question on arrival at amiExecutive “Tea, coffee or cava?” I knew it was going to work. Those people that you come across that encapsulate all of the things that you love about Glasgow, that’s Angela. Within ten minutes she’d offered up her office space, her time and her staff’s time.  Refuweegee was open for donations as of the next day.  And along with the fairy Godmother stuff there was also that gallus, Glasgow honesty.

“I didn’t see this in you. I underestimated you.”

I’d worked with Angela on a project very briefly previously but clearly I hadn’t made much of an impression. How refreshing to actually get that feedback. It clarified a few things for me and was certainly made a little easier to swallow with the confirmation that that was no longer the opinion held. My favourite wisdom share so far…

“Ready. Go. Steady.”





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