There have been so many…already. Those points where you can’t really believe you are where you are. The point when you stop being scared to talk about the idea you’ve had; when you switch from not wanting to say too much to not being able to say enough.  Boy have I bored people senseless with my Refuweegee chat!  Another reason why putting some of it down here may be a good idea.

Media. The speed that everything happened at first was amazing. Thanks partly to the complete fluke of launching almost exactly one month after the largest arrival of Syrian refugees in Glasgow.  The people crisis alone, not being enough to warrant the media’s interest they wanted to know what ‘the local response’ had been. Perfect timing for that question because I had never been more proud of Glasgow and it’s locals. My experience then, as it is now, is that Glasgow’s response is a human response. We’re not focused on the numbers or on the ‘what-may-happens’ because we’re too busy thinking about what people have been through to get here and how we might be able to make it easier for them. What a lovely thing to be able to shout to the media.

Glasgow truly welcomes people.

Buzzfeed. I don’t really have anything to say about it other than it registered as a moment. A place where you read about really funny or really inspiring, or really brilliant things.  And there was Refuweegee, taking up three slots in the ’19 ways refugees and migrants were welcomed in 2015′.

‘Letters fae the locals’. There has not been a day since we launched that I’ve not been touched by someone’s beautifully written words.

Whether it’s a scrawl on a ripped out diary page or a painted watercolour welcome card, the sentiment in every single welcome letter is blinding. A wee heads up, we’re hoping to get some of the letters published in a ‘letters fae the locals’ fundraising book. The perfect coffee table accompaniment.

Delivering packs. Whilst there are elements of the actual logistics of deliveries I would love to change, like for instance being able to drive! I love delivery days. It’s the finale of a long process and quite often a little overwhelming. Our first delivery to Migrant Help was a definite moment. Whilst it was the finale it really marked the beginning of the start. Not just in potentially making a difference to Glasgow’s newest locals but also in my understanding of the asylum process and why Refuweegee is even more important than I’d first thought.

There have been so many more moments than those above and so many to come, I hope. Very few days pass where there isn’t an email or a phonecall that brings exciting news and opportunity for the project. Today’s? Hmmm maybe a wee chat was had with Social Bite. Watch this space!



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