People Make Refuweegee

Ooft. What a week…what a couple of weeks! In fact, who are we kidding, what a year!

So now we’ve done the beginning of Refuweegee and some of the moments, we can start being present right? We can’t keep living in the past! There will certainly be the occasional ‘back when we…’ reference but it’s time to start talking about the here and now and sharing what’s happening day by day.  Or judging by the regularity of previous posts, maybe week by week is a little more realistic.

A spot of self indulgence. Just humour us for a second whilst we run down the past couple of weeks. So far we’ve met with Migrant Help, EAL Glasgow, SATEAL, Central and West Integration Network, Cranhill Development Trust, Red Cross, Maze Magazine, Sunny Govan, Social Bite, Many Cultures Make Glasgow folks, WESREC, Scottish Refugee Council, Milk Cafe, The Clutha Trust, Amina, Glasgow City Council, Colonel Mustard & the Dijon 5; and also spoken with SIGOHA, Hamilton Grammar school, Renfrewshire Council, Maslows shop, Queen Jubilee Hospital and approximately 37 volunteers!  (This would also be the time to point out that whilst I use the term we, when blogging, all of the above was actually attended and coordinated by me. Selina. Hello there!)

As a result. A further 46 packs have welcomed people to the city. We’ve launched the beautiful new letters project ‘Letters to Calais’ (which will be getting a blog post all to itself very soon).We currently have requests in for a further 115 welcome packs. We are extremely close to launching our very own drop in where people can collect packs and meet volunteers over a cuppa. We continue to receive ‘Letters from the locals’ that make us cry because they are so beautiful. Our plans for a summer fundraiser are coming along nicely. A pair of skinny jeans was harmed in the making of said fundraising plans (toddler+permanent marker = exactly what you deserve for taking said child to the meeting in the first place!) 60 of those requested welcome packs are just about ready to go out tomorrow and last but not least, we recorded our first of two scheduled podcast interviews last week.

Not much then.*P

Many Cultures Make Glasgow at Glasgow City Chambers


*insert calming ‘Glasgow in the sunshine’ photo to finish. 




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