meet the team

For anything that you can’t find on our Facebook, Instagram or Twitter here are the folks to get in touch with and pester!

Meet Selina (on the left) – Founder and Director of Refuweegee. Most likely to be found digging around the donations, confusing any organisation that exists by trying to talk on her mobile, update Twitter and take photos for Instagram all at once! You can get in touch with Selina about all things Refuweegee by emailing

Meet Hannah (on the right) – a volunteer since February 2016, Hannah now runs the donation drop off and knows more about buggies and prams than any nursery in the city! Usually found burried under a pile of donations, casting aspertions about Selina’s prolific use of social media, her day to day involves organising donations, coordinating volunteers and distributing welcome packs.
You can get in touch with Hannah about all things donation and volunteer related by emailing


Meet Sarah – Sarah has the monstrous task of keeping all of us in the right place at the right time – good luck Sarah! And she does this remotely as she’s recently moved way up north!

You can get in touch with Sarah about all things diary and meeting related by emailing