welcome pack appeal

Take over the welcome pack building and make a huge difference to people arriving in Glasgow this winter…and spring, and summer, and autumn!

Throughout the past year we have gathered hundreds of beautiful welcome packs built by people from the existing community. Your generosity has overwhelmed us and brought tears to both our eyes and to the eyes of people receiving your gesture of kindness.


The packs we received were not only full of useful items and beautiful letters, they also sent a strong and heartfelt message to the recipient that Glasgow welcomes and embraces new people. Thank you so much to everyone who got involved.

We’d love to continue to receive packs from individuals, workplaces, schools, neighbourhood groups or families. All combinations and contributions welcome!

We have a specially designed festive poster available through the link here which should explain everything you need to know. You can download it by clicking on the link so that you can share it, print it and display it anywhere and everywhere. We’ve also included a download of our ‘essentials list handout’ which will give you details of all the usual items you’ll find in our welcome packs.

You can find details of when and where your welcome packs and donations can be dropped off here. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Hannah@refuweegee.co.uk should you have any questions about donations or drop offs.

Click this link for the NON-FESTIVE version – posterandhandoutdownloads to download PDFs of the poster and handout.